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Bicycle Pit Stop


Bicycles were a huge part of my childhood and as I grew up, I wanted to develop cycling into something bigger-something more than just a hobby. I became interested in the mechanics of the bicycle and once I was old enough, sought employment in the repair business.

When I was a teenager, I worked for various shops that I felt weren’t fulfilling their customers’ needs, and were falling short in terms of quality and service. I decided to take on this challenge by leaving my job and opening up my own mobile service in 2010. I was eighteen when I started this adventure and now, ten years later, it’s grown into a shop and business that I take pride in.

Our Mission
Here at Bicycle Pit Stop we want to serve our community on a personal level. We started off as a mobile service which has since evolved into a shop serving the Los Angeles County area. We cater to you, no matter how tough the job,wreck, or custom build can be. We love a good challenge, and are always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers.